Avoid allocating packet buffers unnecessarily.
[meshlink] / configure.ac
2020-03-29 Guus SliepenUpdate UTCP and replace gettimeofday() with clock_getti...
2020-02-08 RoopFix android (Android 6 or before) compilation issue...
2019-07-26 Guus SliepenClose connections if the local address is no longer...
2019-06-13 Guus SliepenFix compiler warnings in the test suites.
2019-05-31 sairoop-elearUpdate android build
2019-03-17 Lakshminarayana... Add blackbox test cases for submesh
2019-01-16 Guus SliepenOnly compile the monitor example application if ncurses...
2018-11-18 Guus SliepenAdd autoconf checks for LXC and cmocka.
2018-11-18 Guus SliepenAdd the blackbox channel connection tests.
2018-11-08 Elear Solutions DevAdd the blackbox container based test suite.
2018-08-07 Guus SliepenRemove the -fPIE and -pie compiler flags.
2018-07-21 Guus SliepenAllow compiling without support for Catta.
2018-05-01 Guus SliepenFix all compiler warnings found using -Wall -W -pedantic.
2018-04-30 Guus SliepenOnly set -fno-strict-overflow if -fwrapv is not available.
2018-04-30 Guus SliepenUse AX_PTHREAD to set the proper pthread flags.
2017-10-08 Guus SliepenEnsure make distcheck runs without errors.
2017-10-08 Guus SliepenRemove unused/obsolete checks from configure.ac and...
2017-09-07 Guus SliepenAdd an --enable-install-tests option to configure.
2017-09-07 Guus SliepenAutomatically configure and compile catta.
2017-08-14 Guus SliepenRemove unused/duplicate autoconf/automake definitions.
2017-07-27 Guus SliepenDrop dependency on zlib.
2017-07-27 Guus SliepenEnable silent build rules.
2017-06-25 Guus SliepenLibtool wants AM_PROG_AR.
2014-12-27 Aaron KrebsAdded configure option to set UTCP_DEBUG.
2014-08-22 Guus SliepenMerge branch 'channels'
2014-08-13 Niklas HofmannMerge branch 'mesh_topology_output' into roles
2014-08-12 Aaron KrebsRemoved references to HAVE_STRUCT_SOCKADDR_STORAGE.
2014-06-10 Guus SliepenAdd an example chat program for the C++ API.
2014-04-24 Saverio Protoremove libmeshlink files
2014-04-19 Guus SliepenBuild meshlinkapp using automake.
2014-04-19 Guus SliepenRemove most platform-specific checks.
2014-04-19 Guus SliepenRemove unused functions and #includes.
2014-04-17 Saverio ProtoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into saverio saverio
2014-04-17 Guus SliepenGet rid of OpenSSL entirely.
2014-04-17 Guus SliepenLibtool suggests we need to use AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR...
2014-04-13 Saverio ProtoMerge branch 'master' into saverio
2014-04-12 Guus SliepenRemove everything GPL that is not copyright Guus Sliepe...
2014-04-12 Guus SliepenRemove files not used by MeshLink.
2014-04-03 Saverio Prototrying to fix linking issues
2014-04-02 Saverio ProtoFixing autotools
2014-02-07 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.1pre10.
2013-12-10 Guus SliepenFix handling of --with-libgcrypt.
2013-12-10 Guus SliepenDon't enable -fstack-protector-all.
2013-12-10 Guus SliepenAdd our own autoconf check for libgcrypt.
2013-12-10 Guus SliepenEnable compiler hardening flags by default.
2013-09-08 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.1pre9.
2013-09-01 Etienne DechampsFix broken build with --with-openssl, --with-libgcrypt.
2013-09-01 Guus SliepenStart of a test suite.
2013-08-13 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.1pre8.
2013-08-13 Guus SliepenBuild .tar.gz instead of .tar.xz.
2013-05-29 Guus SliepenAdd an invitation protocol.
2013-05-15 Guus SliepenEnable and fix warnings from automake.
2013-05-10 Guus SliepenAdd __attribute__((warn_unused_result)) to crypto funct...
2013-05-01 Guus SliepenUse conditional compilation for cryptographic functions.
2013-05-01 Guus SliepenUse conditional compilation for device.c.
2013-05-01 Guus SliepenModernize the configure script a bit.