4 days ago Guus SliepenSpeed up reconnections on network interface changes. master
4 days ago Guus SliepenFix a small memory leak.
4 days ago Guus SliepenFix potential segmentation fault on node reachability...
2019-07-07 Guus SliepenInform UTCP when a node is offline, so it will start...
2019-07-07 Guus SliepenUpdate UTCP to correctly handle timeouts sending data.
2019-07-04 Guus SliepenPrevent meshlink_join() when the joining node is alread...
2019-06-13 Guus SliepenFix compiler warnings in the test suites.
2019-06-13 Guus SliepenSpeed up initial autoconnect after joining a mesh.
2019-06-13 Guus SliepenAutoconnect to reachable nodes without known public...
2019-06-13 Guus SliepenEnsure we can pass arbitrary binary blobs for keys.
2019-06-13 sairoop-elearAdd encrypted key rotation feature api
2019-06-13 sairoop-elearModify meshlink configuration base file structre
2019-06-13 sairoop-elearAdd unit test cases for encrypted storage key rotation
2019-06-13 Guus SliepenVarious fixes for the encrypted storage support.
2019-06-13 Guus SliepenAdd support for opening a MeshLink instance without...
2019-06-13 Guus SliepenAdd missing declaration of chacha_ivsetup_96().
2019-06-13 Guus SliepenAdd support for encrypted storage.
2019-06-13 Guus SliepenAdd the PackMessage library.
2019-06-05 lakshminarayanagurramMake retry outgoing logic instantaneously connect when...
2019-06-05 lakshminarayanagurramAdd test cases for random port bindings
2019-06-05 Guus SliepenMake meshlink_set_port() return false if we didn't...
2019-05-31 Guus SliepenRe-enable building the chatpp example.
2019-05-31 Guus SliepenAdd missing symbols to meshlink.sym.
2019-05-31 sairoop-elearUpdate android build
2019-05-31 Guus SliepenUpdate
2019-05-25 sairoop-elearAdd meta-connection attempt callback feature
2019-05-25 Lakshminarayana... Add meshlink_get_submesh API
2019-05-25 Lakshminarayana... Add condition check in auto connect for blacklisted...
2019-03-30 Guus SliepenAdd functions to get the amount of bytes in chanenl...
2019-03-18 SS RoopRemove extra locks causing deadlocks for wait_sync_flag...
2019-03-17 Guus SliepenFix spelling errors.
2019-03-17 Guus SliepenMake Doxygen more strict, and fix errors in the documen...
2019-03-17 SS RoopRemove make check warnings
2019-03-17 Lakshminarayana... Add blackbox test cases for submesh
2019-03-14 Lakshminarayana... Fix NULL checking of addrinfo structure in try_bind...
2019-03-12 Guus SliepenCheck for astyle version 3 before formatting the code.
2019-03-08 Guus SliepenReduce locking in Catta callback functions to a minimum.
2019-02-25 lakshminarayanagurramAdd a groupchat example program that uses the submesh...
2019-02-25 lakshminarayanagurramAdd devtool_get_all_submeshes().
2019-02-25 lakshminarayanagurramImprove support for submeshes.
2019-02-25 SS RoopAdd channel disconnection fix when node blacklisted
2019-02-19 Guus SliepenFix building the channels test.
2019-02-19 Guus SliepenDo not define struct meshlink_open_params at all in...
2019-02-19 Guus SliepenDon't try to build node_* binaries for the optimal...
2019-02-19 sairoop-elearAdd test case for channel blacklist
2019-02-19 Guus SliepenCode formatting.
2019-02-11 Guus SliepenAdd optimal pmtu test cases
2019-02-11 sairoop-elearUpdate invite API in blackbox test cases
2019-02-06 sairoop-elearAdd network namespace test framework
2019-02-06 Lakshminarayana... Modified meshlink_invite to generate invites for submesh
2019-02-06 Lakshminarayana... Added meshlink_submesh_open
2019-01-31 Guus SliepenAdd a test case for meshlink_get_all_nodes_by_dev_class().
2019-01-31 Guus SliepenAdd API functions to query nodes by device class.
2019-01-31 Guus SliepenAdd test cases for the PMTU discovery mechanism.
2019-01-31 Guus SliepenUpdate the blackbox test infrastructure.
2019-01-31 Guus SliepenProvide a way to open MeshLink in its own network names...
2019-01-16 Guus SliepenOnly compile the monitor example application if ncurses...
2018-11-20 Guus SliepenCode formatting.
2018-11-20 Guus SliepenFix indentation.
2018-11-20 Guus SliepenFix discovering node addresses from edges.
2018-11-20 Guus SliepenSimplify rate limiting of incoming connections.
2018-11-20 Guus SliepenFix a potential segfault.
2018-11-20 Guus SliepenRemove debug messages printed to stderr.
2018-11-20 Guus SliepenFix socket leak every time meshlink_invite() is called.
2018-11-18 Guus SliepenTry all CanonicalAddress and Address statements.
2018-11-18 Guus SliepenAdd autoconf checks for LXC and cmocka.
2018-11-18 Guus SliepenAdd the blackbox channel connection tests.
2018-11-08 Elear Solutions DevAdd the blackbox container based test suite.
2018-10-09 Guus SliepenReally add both local and external address to the invit...
2018-10-09 Guus SliepenReformat the code.
2018-10-09 Guus SliepenAdd an example using curses to monitor the state of...
2018-10-09 Guus SliepenLock meshlink.conf to ensure only one instance can...
2018-08-30 Guus SliepenFix "Connection from (null)" log message.
2018-08-30 Guus SliepenAlways add both CanonicalAddress and any local address...
2018-08-30 Guus SliepenAdd missing code for the duplicate node testcase.
2018-08-12 Guus SliepenAdd duplicate node detection callback.
2018-08-07 Guus SliepenRemove the -fPIE and -pie compiler flags.
2018-07-22 Guus SliepenUpdate UTCP to allow meshlink_channel_send() immediately.
2018-07-21 Guus SliepenAllow compiling without support for Catta.
2018-07-21 Guus SliepenAdd COPYING.README, detailing license obligations for...
2018-07-15 Guus SliepenPass appname in the ID string during invitations as...
2018-07-03 Guus SliepenPass appname in the ID string.
2018-06-26 Guus SliepenRemove old host config files when joining using an...
2018-06-26 Guus SliepenAdd meshlink_set_invitation_timeout().
2018-06-26 Guus SliepenFix a compiler warning.
2018-06-26 Guus SliepenAdd meshlink_set_canonical_address().
2018-06-26 Guus SliepenFix valgrind warnings about reading uninitialized bytes.
2018-06-26 Guus SliepenUpdate .gitignore files.
2018-06-26 Guus SliepenFix a potential segfault when closing a stopped meshlin...
2018-06-26 Guus SliepenFix a potential segfault when closing a meshlink handle.
2018-06-21 Guus SliepenDon't allow any unused variables in invitation files.
2018-06-05 Guus SliepenCode reformatting.
2018-06-05 Guus SliepenFix a potential NULL-pointer dereference when generatin...
2018-05-21 Guus SliepenUse getsockname() to get a listening sockets actual...
2018-05-08 Guus SliepenEnsure -export-symbols-regex is not lost.
2018-05-06 Guus SliepenEnable Catta by default, as documented.
2018-05-06 Guus SliepenTry to be smarter generating invitation URLs.
2018-05-03 Guus SliepenAllow multiple addresses in an invitation URL.
2018-05-01 Guus SliepenFix all compiler warnings found using -Wall -W -pedantic.
2018-05-01 Guus SliepenCheck the return value of check_port().