descriptionMeshLink library, based on tinc 1.1
ownerGuus Sliepen
last changeThu, 14 Jan 2021 21:10:45 +0000 (22:10 +0100)
8 days ago Guus SliepenUse AI_* instead of NI_* constants for getaddrinfo(). master
2020-12-30 Guus SliepenSend our canonical address to nodes we want to communic...
2020-12-30 Guus SliepenClean up the request jump table.
2020-12-30 Guus SliepenUse the canonical address during UDP probes.
2020-12-06 Guus SliepenAdd missing calls to init_sync_flag() in test cases.
2020-12-06 Guus SliepenFix deleting configuration directories with hidden...
2020-11-22 Guus SliepenFix potential NULL pointer dereference.
2020-11-16 Guus SliepenDon't try to renew SPTPS keys for unreachable nodes. fix/deterministic-sptps-reset
2020-11-10 Guus SliepenOnly reset UDP SPTPS sessions if the session ID changed.
2020-10-29 Guus SliepenAlso send the blacklist notification when we already...
2020-10-29 Guus SliepenAdd a callback that notifies the application when it...
2020-10-25 Guus SliepenFix Doxygen errors.
2020-10-25 Guus SliepenAdd API functions to query the blacklist status of...
2020-10-25 Guus SliepenCheck blacklist status before committing an invitation.
2020-10-25 Guus SliepenRemove invitation files when blacklisting or forgetting...
2020-10-11 Guus SliepenWhen a new connection is activated, terminate any pendi...
6 years ago import-tinc-1.1
8 days ago feature/metaconnection-address
8 days ago master
8 weeks ago feature/better-pmtu-probes
2 months ago fix/deterministic-sptps-reset
3 months ago feature/catta-replacement
4 months ago feature/huge-udp-channel-packets
7 months ago fix/network-change-detection
7 months ago fix/pthread-fixes
7 months ago feature/aio-socket-fd
7 months ago feature/channel-message-framing
8 months ago debug/split-packetqueue-bypass
8 months ago fix/receive-buffer-wraparound
8 months ago fix/channel-close-in-callback
8 months ago debug/split-aio-fixes
9 months ago feature/mmsg
9 months ago feature/async-dns