Handle channel closure during a receive callback when the ringbuffer wraps.
[utcp] / selftest.c
2018-05-01 Guus SliepenFix all compiler warnings found using -Wall -W -pedantic.
2017-10-02 Guus SliepenFormat the code using the Artistic Style formatter.
2017-10-02 Guus SliepenConvert sizeof foo to sizeof(foo).
2017-10-02 Guus SliepenFix warnings when compiling with -Wall -W.
2017-07-02 Guus SliepenUse '== -1' to check for errors from functions.
2014-08-26 Guus SliepenVarious small fixes, clarifications.
2014-08-21 Guus SliepenFix memory and resource leaks.
2014-08-21 Guus SliepenSet FIN bit in ack().
2014-08-09 Guus SliepenPass buffers as const.
2014-07-25 Guus SliepenSegmentize outgoing packets.
2014-07-25 Guus SliepenDo port numbers properly.
2014-07-24 Guus SliepenStart of UTCP.