2020-02-22 sairoop-elearFix compilation error caused by ACX_THREAD master
2020-02-03 Guus SliepenForce -fPIC when compiling libcatta.
2019-09-23 Guus SliepenDisable -Wcast-qual and -Wcast-align.
2019-09-23 Guus SliepenFix some compiler warnings found by GCC 9 and Clang 10.
2019-09-23 Guus SliepenFix varargs warning for catta_server_add_service().
2017-10-08 Guus SliepenEnsure make distcheck runs without errors. develop
2015-09-16 vollkorn1982Merge pull request #4 from catta-x/feature/wincompat
2015-09-16 everHannesfix msvc _WIN64 ssize_t definition
2015-08-31 HiveErrorMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-08-31 everHannesdisable to send src_address with windows ipv6 as it...
2015-08-31 everHannesadd wsa error code to errnostrsocket for easier error...
2015-08-26 Aaron KrebsAdd support for net/route.h on iOS.
2015-08-24 everHannesmoved back windows compat headers and fixed catta heade...
2015-08-20 janfix backend #705
2015-08-20 everHannesmove wincompat headers to include path and add to make...
2015-08-16 everHannescleaned some compiler warning flags
2015-08-16 everHannesfix gcc mingw compile (gcc 5.1 x86_64)
2015-06-23 Hannesclean incomplete mingw32 4.8.1 wincompat.h defines
2015-06-23 Hannesfix headers to be used with Visual Studio 2015 RC
2015-06-23 Hannesgenerate .def file to be used for porting the mingw...
2014-11-22 Hannesfix mingw c compiler casting
2014-11-20 Niklas Hofmannavoid implicit conversion from void* to char*
2014-10-27 Niklas Hofmannapple compatibility
2014-10-20 Niklas HofmannMerge tag '0.0.1' into develop
2014-10-20 Niklas HofmannMerge branch 'release/0.0.1'
2014-10-20 NiklasMerge pull request #2 from everbase/feature/windows
2014-10-16 Sven M. Hallbergremove network traffic debug output
2014-10-16 Sven M. Hallbergremove simple-watch debug output
2014-10-16 Sven M. Hallbergmake ioctl() work for setting values
2014-10-16 Sven M. Hallbergcheck for failure of catta_set_nonblock in simple-watch...
2014-10-16 Sven M. Hallbergadd some debug output to simple-watch poll implementation
2014-10-15 Sven M. Hallbergnetwork traffic debug output, including source address...
2014-10-15 Sven M. Hallbergchange some printf format specifiers in tests that...
2014-10-15 Sven M. Hallbergdon't set -Wmissing-noreturn on Windows because libtool
2014-10-14 Sven M. Hallbergpublish example: exit cleanly on SIGINT, SIGTERM
2014-09-17 Sven M. Hallbergexplicitly ignore return value when writing to pipe
2014-09-11 Sven M. Hallbergremove debug output on interface changes
2014-09-11 Sven M. Hallbergremove debug output on initial interface enumeration
2014-09-11 Sven M. Hallbergremove debug output on network traffic
2014-09-11 Sven M. Hallbergprocess change events in the order they are received
2014-09-11 Sven M. Hallberghandle address change events
2014-09-11 Sven M. Hallberghandle interface change events
2014-09-10 Sven M. Hallbergskeleton implementation of interface change event handling
2014-09-10 Sven M. Hallbergreadpipe/writepite/closepipe for fake pipes on Windows
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallbergchange some int declarations that should have said...
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallbergcomment about IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESS_DNS_ELIGIBLE (should...
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallbergskip transient ("cluster") addresses on Windows, as...
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallberginclude address flags in debug output
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallbergset IPv4 source address correctly on Windows
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallbergfor posterity: some debug output in sendmsg/recvmsg
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallbergdo use the interface index provided by Windows
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallbergbe more specific in an error message when receiving...
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallbergfix an error message for IPv6
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallberguse WSAGetlastError/FormatMessage in place of strerror...
2014-09-08 Sven M. Hallbergenumerate network adapter addresses
2014-09-05 Sven M. Hallbergmight as well make the debugging code a bit pretty
2014-09-05 Sven M. Hallbergfix flags_ok computation (IfType and OperStatus are...
2014-09-05 Sven M. Hallbergcoding style consistency
2014-09-05 Sven M. Hallbergget human-readable interface names
2014-09-05 Sven M. Hallbergstart of windows interface detection
2014-09-04 Sven M. Hallbergdo not build dns-spin-test on Windows (for the time...
2014-09-04 Sven M. Hallbergcheck for both EAGAIN and EWOULDBLOCK from sendmsg
2014-09-03 Sven M. Hallbergwrap lifetimes of CattaServer and CattaSimplePoll in...
2014-09-03 Sven M. Hallbergwork around picky SO_REUSEADDR semantics on Windows
2014-09-01 Sven M. Hallberguse rand() because random() isn't available on windows
2014-09-01 Sven M. Hallbergsupport building a DLL (needs --disable-stack-protector...
2014-09-01 Sven M. Hallbergremove some C++ remnants
2014-09-01 Sven M. Hallbergdon't call pthread_sigmask on windows (MingW defines...
2014-09-01 Sven M. Hallbergadd an alias for poll and implement pipe in terms of...
2014-08-29 Sven M. Hallbergwork around lack of fcntl on Windows
2014-08-29 Sven M. Hallbergsilence "unused parameter" warning
2014-08-29 Sven M. Hallbergon Windows this argument is not marked const
2014-08-29 Sven M. Hallbergavoid pointer type warnings from setsockopt
2014-08-29 Sven M. Hallbergadd ioctl as a wrapper around ioctlsocket
2014-08-29 Sven M. Hallbergsocket.c needs closesocket from internal.h
2014-08-29 Sven M. Hallbergset the include flag for windows compat headers in...
2014-08-29 Sven M. HallbergWindows does not support in_pktinfo.ipi_spec_dst
2014-08-29 Sven M. Hallbergadd (untested) implementation of sendmsg in terms of...
2014-08-28 Sven M. Hallbergadd (untested) implementation of recvmsg in terms of...
2014-08-28 Sven M. Hallbergaesthetics
2014-08-27 Sven M. Hallberglink the library with -lws2_32
2014-08-27 Sven M. Hallbergws2tcpip.h defines socklen_t
2014-08-26 Sven M. Hallberguse closesocket() on windows
2014-08-26 Sven M. Hallbergignore .dirstamp
2014-08-26 Sven M. HallbergMerge branch 'feature/windows' of
2014-08-26 Sven M. Hallbergoh, we need the machine field, not nodename. also some...
2014-08-26 Sven M. Hallbergsome gitignores
2014-08-26 Sven M. Hallbergadd uname and socklen_t to windows compat layer
2014-08-26 Sven M. Hallbergrename interface -> iface everywhere
2014-08-26 Sven M. Hallbergstart of a windows compatibility layer
2014-08-25 Sven M. Hallbergfix pthread shared linking check for MingW32
2014-08-22 NiklasMerge pull request #1 from everbase/feature/stripdown
2014-08-20 Sven M. Hallbergrename everything avahi to catta
2014-08-20 Sven M. Hallbergmove public headers into their own directory
2014-08-20 Sven M. Hallbergremove disused i18n stuff
2014-08-20 Sven M. Hallbergrename 'common' directory to 'm4' (because really,...
2014-08-20 Sven M. Hallbergmove tests into their own directory
2014-08-20 Sven M. Hallbergremove a left-over reference to and
2014-08-20 Sven M. Hallbergcombine avahi-core and avahi-common components into...
2014-08-19 Sven M. Hallbergforgot to pull the publish_no_reverse change to the...